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Vesica Piscis
The vesica piscis is a type of lens, a mathematical shape formed by the intersection of two disks with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each disk lies on the perimeter of the other. In Latin, "vesica piscis" literally means "bladder of a fish", reflecting the shape's resemblance to the conjoined dual air bladders ("swim bladder") found in most fish.
In Italian, the shape's name is mandorla ("almond").      -Wikipedia-


The Line

As soon as the point stretches into a line, I have two endpoints.
The point of light stretches into a golden rope connecting the Plus-Pole, the Sun, the ONE,
with the Minus-Pole, the center of the earth.
This rope may go through my spine, if I decide to be hooked up to cosmic power outlet.
In order to live, we all have to be hooked up to that source.
The amount of energy flowing through us will differ though, according to our attitude.
We are all switches in this energetic wiring. If we are switched on, the energy flows freely through our system.
If we are turned off we only function on emergency power.


Out of ZERO (looking straight ahead)
I lift my head until I am facing straight up, arching my back, breathing in, facing --- the ONE - Father SUN.
Slowly I exhale going into a fetal position at the center of mother earth --- TWO - Mother - Matter.
Then I breathe in, lifting my head to gaze straight ahead --- ZERO.

Repeat three times.

Radius Two
The radius of conciousness

The size of an atom, a molecule and a cell.



by Richard Rudd



The Second Initiation is very different from the First. Whereas the First Initiation is a general build up of basic human goodness over a long period, the Second Initiation of Baptism comes as a surprise. At the Second Initiation, the spirit of Grace descends through the layers or bodies of form and bestows a moment of higher contact upon the recipient. Baptism is a sudden immersion in the higher frequencies of your own higher vehicles and as such it always comes as something of a shock. As with all shock, it takes a long time to come to terms with what has happened to you. The duration of the experience varies greatly from person to person, and as the higher frequencies subside, the lower bodies are left with the task of recalibrating and readjusting to the influx of the new frequencies.

Baptisms thus an Initiation into purification in which your lower essences are gradually refined.

During this period of readjustment, many things may take place within an individual. The existing mental framework tries to place the experience within its old paradigm or within a paradigm recognised by society. Many people experience the Second Initiation as a higher calling into one of the great religions. Others continue to grapple with the experience and may even go through a mental or nervous breakdown. Another common response is prolonged depression and a longing to return to the high frequency state. Still others may even go into denial and try to forget the experience altogether. Baptism as such can be extremely challenging as it sets you apart from the rest of society in some way. It is in a sense a kind of purgatory, since you have tasted the higher life and can never entirely forget it.

If you are able to handle the frequencies of the higher bodies and can incorporate the experience cleanly in your life, Grace will periodically revisit you and baptise you in the higher frequencies of the causal body. The Second Initiation is an ongoing baptism in the higher reality, and the more readily the experience is digested, the more energy becomes available to you. We need to remember that the bodies above the causal body constitute your higher self. They know exactly how and when to allow the higher frequencies down into the lower vehicles. The period after the Second Initiation may also last many lifetimes as the causal body gains a stronger foothold over the astral and mental bodies — the sexual and intellectual faculties. Baptism is thus an Initiation into purification in which your lower essences are gradually refined in order to be able to hold a more sustained higher vibration.


Enneagram Type 2 - The Helper

Twos are a feeling-based type with a focus on relationship. They excel at making connections and empathizing with the needs and feelings of other people. They are usually good at supporting others and helping bring out their potential. However, turning their attention toward themselves and knowing what they themselves need is much more difficult. They want to be accepted and liked by others, and they will adapt or change themselves to earn this approval. 

A bit like emotional sponges, Twos have to be very careful what they absorb from the people around them. Getting angry or setting personal boundaries can be very hard to do, although they may have emotional outbursts to relieve the pressure. While being a special person or earning the approval of others has its advantages, it doesn't substitute for being loved for oneself. 


 Caring, popular, communicator


Privileged, naive, dependent


peaking style: Being nice and sympathetic, giving advice, sometimes militant for the cause

Lower emotional habit

: Pride about being special, important, or indispensable in relationship. Or poor self esteem when approval is not forthcoming

Higher emotion: 

Humility, which is being able to know and hold onto the experience of self-worth without either self-inflation or excessive self-judgment

Archetypal challenge: 

To find oneself in relationship, balancing dependency and autonomy

Psychological defenses:

 Twos use the defense mechanism of repression to avoid their own needs and feelings and to maintain the self image of being "helpful." (Repression is putting one's unacceptable feelings out of awareness and converting them into a more acceptable form of emotional energy). 

Somatic patterns:

 As feeling types, Twos experience a buildup of energy, and sometimes tension, around their chest and diaphragm. Although full of energy in their upper bodies, it's hard for them to sense their lower bodies and stay grounded. They tend to discharge their anxiety thru talking and emoting. It's easy for them to "somatize" or convert hidden/repressed feelings into physical symptoms.

- The Enneagram At Work -

Nine Keys
by MandalaMatrix

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