Channel Zero


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In the beginning there is the eternal black No-thing.
The limitless energy of this No-thing is the source for Everything that exists.
Everything is contained in No-thing.
(it is not manifested as Something yet.)
In the beginning there was Nothing - Everything.

Zero is the state of the Un-manifested.
Out of this womb all things are born.
In the Cartesian coordinate system, the absolute center of our
3-dimensional universe is defined as:  0,0,0 (x,y,z)



(Zero + 13) = 14 Steps to heaven

The core wound

The main problem, we are all suffering from, is to be cut off from our energy source. As newborn babies, most of us were separated from our mothers far too soon. The umbilical cord was cut too soon, which did not allow us to transition gently into our new state. This initial shock as an expression of our injured emotional connection, often resulted in a narcissistic personality disorder. Many people are running around, trying to reconnect their cords with a substitute mother, in a co-dependent relationship, for example.
All forms of addictions are rooted here as well. The feeling of lack and emptiness is filled with substitutes.
The cord, that was cut too early also is a metaphor for the lack of unconditional love, that most parents were unable to give their children. Mostly they were still occupied with their own lack of energy, having separated themselves from their energy source as well.

How can this wound be healed?

Without energy life is not possible. By cutting our physical umbilical cord too soon, our spiritual connection was also injured. This spiritual cord runs vertically to the horizontal physical one. It connects our spine to the sun on one side and to the center of the earth on the other side. This is the only cord that can reconnect us to our cosmic Father-Mother. It consists of a number of energy centers, which can be open or closed. If all the centers are open, the energy can flow freely and we are healthy, radiating with energy.

I will explain the structure of a functioning energy cord. This cosmic umbilical cord can be compared to a stairway to heaven consisting of
Zero + 13 steps

Number 13


You may lie down or sit comfortably.
In order to experience the "Nothing-Everything" you have to be completely relaxed.
Immerse yourself in the state of doing nothing.
After that, you can practice doing absolutely nothing. :-)
Enjoy the sense of peace and stillness flowing through you.
When your consciousness has given up all forms of ego-cramping,
you are relaxed into the oneness with everything that exists.
Buddha called this state of nothingness "Nirvana".


Good videos explaining "Zero"



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